Sunday, March 29, 2009

Helping Early Readers


May 15, 2009

I gave this presentation at the home of Melanie Henstrom, Oregon 2009 Young Mother of the Year.

Some tidbits from the presentation:

How Can You Help Your Child At Home?

  • READ MORE! As children increase their television viewing they are losing the ability to visualize.

  • Read to your children (even if they can read themselves).

  • Let your children read to you and listen.

  • Use the library. The library is appropriate for all levels of readers.

  • Establish quiet times for reading and teach by example.

  • Play board games and do puzzles together.

  • Provide varied life experiences.

  • Talk to them.

  • Be postivite and encouraging.

Remember . . .

Enjoy the story together. Reading must always be a rewarding experience. Have fun!

To schedule a presentation on this topic call Michele Watts at 503-504-9870. Free childrens book will be given to those who attend while supply lasts. There is no cost for the presentation.

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