Monday, July 13, 2009

St. Paul July 4 Parade

July 4, 2009
All 12 of our grandchildren were in this parade with me, including some from Minnesota and Utah. Four daughters, Telaina, Alisha, Meghan, and Nola and two son-in-laws, Steven and Michael also joined us. Our daughter Nola and her husband, Michael, provided their truck for a vehicle.

We decorated the truck with my signs, and flags and I carried flowers. All of the grandkids wore matching shorts, t-shirts, and/or dresses and many work red or blue cowboy hats.

The kids and grandkids passed out candy and carried the banner. We were also joined by Marilyn Dougall and her husband and daughter. Marilyn is a member of the Oregon Association of American Mothers and also on the National Board of American Mothers, Inc.

It was important to me that I participate in the St. Paul parade because we have been taking our family to the St. Paul Rodeo every July for over 35 years. All of our children and grandchildren either were in the parade or watched it. I felt so blessed to have us all together and for their kind support.

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